Flip Book by Edgars Gluhovs
30 EUR

Edgars Gluhovs. “Comme il faut”. Flip-book edition of 120, numbered and signed. (2016)

Possible scenarios:

Drinking a Burgunder and eating chips on the roof-top of the Hôtel Raphael in Paris at sunset, looking at passing airplanes and thinking about where to wipe your fingers whilst trying to look serious.

Or maybe this is in the “Bord-Bistro” on a train, late at night, on the way from one castle to another, somewhere deep in the Swabian hinterlands.

Unless it is Saturday afternoon and you are on the terrace of the Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt, squeezing through groups of annoyingly cheerful wine-enthusiasts in vichy-patterned shirts and cable-knit sweaters.

It could also be that you are standing on the set of some “camp-noir” musical, stroking your champagne chin and attempting not to fall flat on your face on some faux-marble, or maybe into a trap of hyperurbanism, whilst trying much too hard to do everything correctly and impress with your knowledge of the rules.

“Anybody with their nose pressed against a glass is liable to look stupid”.
(Truman Capote, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”)